2305 TRACCs draft compendiumAfter 14 months of intensive work, the EU Erasmus+ project TRACCskills has published a draft compendium for educators entitled "Unlearning for a Thrivable Future". It supports educators in designing and delivering transformative adult education, both formal and non-formal, to convey competences that cover in a cross-disciplinary and cross-sectoral way the behavioral aspects of sustainable development.

The Erasmus+ project TRACCskills – Transformative, Cross Cutting skills for the SDGs brought together partners from non-formal and formal education (COPERNICUS Alliance, Legacy17 and Visionautik Akademie). Thus, the intended users of the compendium are adult educators within the formal and non-formal sector who dedicate their work to Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and are open to rethinking and renewing their teaching practice. The underlying assumption for this project was that many adult education courses focusing on sustainable development, climate, and related topics are heavily biased towards existing technical or administrative solutions, and often miss the huge potential of 'people skills' both to elicit creativity and innovation, and to create a groundswell of demand for appropriate change.

From the introduction of the draft compendium: "In this project we asked ourselves: what ‘people skills’ help lead us away from hopelessness or greed and their bed-fellows apathy, hedonism, fear, aggression and hatred, towards a peaceful society based on the IDGs, and on unconditional respect for all beings, love, compassion and inclusion? And how can we foster such skills in various formal and non-formal adult educational contexts? Anyone in any educational or transitional context can ask themselves these questions, and the present Compendium is for all of us!"

► Download: "Unlearning for a Thrivable Future – A draft compendium for educators"