2406 Sustainability BrandenburgThe coordination office of the working group "Sustainability at Brandenburg Universities" has published the English version of the practical guide for teachers and lecturers of all disciplines and multipliers who are committed to sustainable development at their university and want to integrate it in university teaching: "Designing future-oriented curricula – a practical guide for the curricular integration of higher education for sustainable development".

In order to meet the global challenge of shaping sustainable development, the competencies of education for sustainable development (ESD) are needed as key skills for all relevant professions. This approach is expressed in the UNESCO program "ESD-2030" (National Action Plan On Education For Sustainable Development (NAP) 2017), which is the roadmap for integrating ESD in the education sector. The integration of ESD in the framework documents relevant to higher education is supported by the working group "Sustainability at Brandenburg Universities" (more information, in German). This guide on the curricular integration of higher education for sustainable development (HESD) is a contribution to capacity building at Brandenburg's universities. Three areas of action are highlighted:

1. The integration of key competencies for sustainability in study programs or in their module descriptions,
2. The thematic and content-related integration of sustainability, using the examples of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and
3. The didactical and methodical implementation education for sustainable development in university teaching.