Conference Outputs

Day 1

Creating a Supportive Environment for Transformative Research at Universities - Facilitator: Lisa Bohunovsky,  Mandy Singer-Brodowski

University networking innovation to foster ESD - Author/facilitator: Jana Dlouhá, Hilligje van't Land

The 12 key issues of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) - Author/facilitator: Peter Glavić

Transport as a key driver for climate change - Author/facilitator: Hermann Knoflacher

Criteria for Monitoring Sustainability at Higher Education Institutions in Bavaria - A Whole-Institution Approach - Author/facilitator: Lara Lütke-Spatz

University Course “Education for Sustainable Development – Innovations in Schools and Higher Education“ - Author/facilitator: Franz Rauch

Day 2

Cases of Transdisciplinary Learning and Teaching - Authors/facilitators: Michael Ambros, Petra Biberhofer, Lukas Harlan, Christian Rammel

Sustainability in academic research, the answer to societal challenges - What can you learn from the implementation of strong sustainability in HE research in Flanders, Belgium? - Author/Facilitator: Filip Colson

Re-developing the COPERNICIUS Alliance Charta - Author/facilitaor: Clemens Mader, Jana Dlouha

The ESD Monitoring Framework in Germany – how to measure the impact of the Global Action Program on Education for Sustainable Development - Author/facilitator: Insa Otte

Working towards a robust reference framework to strengthen integration of sustainable development in university teaching - Author/facilitator: Anne Zimmermann