Green meeting

The Copernicus Alliance Conference will be organised under the “green meeting” directive by the Austrian Eco Label. This means the implementation of a number of visible and non-visible measures. In order to reach this important goal, we need your cooperation and understanding concerning the following issues:

Green Meeting



  • Julia Buchebner (Center of Global Change and Sustainability, BOKU Vienna) will be our official Green meeting agent. She is looking forward to answering your questions at the Conference venue.
  • If you live within a radius of 750 km around Vienna, we strongly recommend you travel to Vienna by train.
  • Please avoid taking taxis where possible.
  • Our recommended hotels are certificated as eco-friendly accommodation.
  • We ask you to kindly use the excellent Viennese public transport system or rented bikes whenever possible.
  • If you need to travel by airplane, please offset your carbon emission.
  • All information about transport to/in Vienna (public, bikes, carbon offset...) are available here.
  • You will not receive any welcome bag or conference map.
  • Writing pads and pens will be available in the main room and the session rooms.
  • The schedule will be displayed on central poster walls.
  • Zeiler Organic Kitchen is our caterer and will prepare organic, vegetarian and/or vegan (and very delicious!) dishes.
  • Please avoid waste whenever possible and please use the waste separation system.
  • Please avoid plastic bottles. Vienna provides an excellent crystal clear tap water from the Alps, and we will of course serve high quality drinks and tap water.
  • If you have any feedback regarding "Green Meeting", please use our official Green meeting feedback form. The link to the feedback form will be available from September 12th.

Together we can. Thank you very much for your collaboration!