1911 EduZWaCEThe first multiplier event of the project "Education for Zero Waste and Circular Economy (EduZWaCE)" was held in the Congress Centre Bernardin in Portorož on 24 October 2019. 50 participants from universities, research institutes, enterprises, decision makers and postgraduate students discussed about possibilities and future efforts to improve the upcoming Vocational Education and Training (VET) online program "Education for Zero Waste and Circular Economy" and current developments in this field.

EduZWaCE is an Erasmus+ project that aims to fill a gap in Vocational Education and Training by creating a new training course focusing on waste and circular economy, and by developing interdisciplinary skills needed for new jobs in the area. The international consortium from nine European countries under the coordination of the Developmental Centre of Thessaly, AKETH-DCT, is responsible for the production of four intellectual outputs: an interactive platform, comprising a knowlegde hub, an online course and a diagnosis tool.

1907 EduZWaCeThe multiplier event's main objective was to create awareness around Zero Waste and Circular Economy, share best practices and promote the utilization of the EduZWaCE HUB and the platform, while presenting the two educational courses "ZW&CE Manager" and "ZW&CE Technician".
The organization of the event was supported by a COPERNICUS Alliance Micro Fund.


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