1904 Latin America Perez SotoIn this piece of news, Beatriz Perez-Soto shares her experiences with sustainable education and tourism as Visiting Professor at Universidad Metropolitana of Ecuador (UMET).

I have been a member of COPERNICUS Alliance for three years now and participated in the Future Forward Summit in Brussels last year, where I was delighted to explore, learn, create, and share experiences with peers from different institutions. I am currently a Visiting Professor at the Universidad Metropolitana of Ecuador (UMET) and undertake research projects related to sustainable tourism. One of these projects seeks to contribute to preserving cultural heritage through community-based tourism. Actions in the field are carried out by the team at the tourism department of UMET, focusing on promoting the sustainability and competitiveness of tourism destinations in the Province of Gold (Provincia de El Oro). A key project objective is to identify local resources and help communities to become more innovative and competitive. The project will also create vocational training programmes to help communities become more competitive.

In addition to this, last year I participated as a guest lecturer at the UMET annual congress on sustainable development and presented perspectives on the SDGs with a focus on SDG 4. I concluded my talk with a take-away message that I gained from one of the workshops at the Future Forward Summit in Brussels.

As part of my visiting professorship, I have also published an article about an Amazonian tribe called Shuars and will help with the organisation of the IVth International Congress on Sustainable Development hosted by UMET on 21 and 22 November 2019 in Machala (Ecuador).

To read the paper on the Amazonia community, please visit: https://www.academia.edu/38859626/The_Shuar_community_article

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