A conversation with Paquita Perez Salgado

 #8  05/2021 
Paquita Perez Salgado
A passionate scientist and teacher dedicated to ensuring that ICT serves sustainable development

A conversation with Jurgis Staniskis

 #7  07/2020 
Jurgis Kazimieras Staniškis
Transdisciplinary scientist globally recognized for his innovative and transformative systems

A conversation with the organizers of the #HES2020

 #6  05/2020 
The organizers of the Virtual Higher Education Summit 2020:
Ingrid Mulà, Michael Stauffacher, Theres Paulsen, Nelly Niwa, Mario Diethart, Camilla Steinböck & Anne Zimmermann

A conversation with Anna Batorczak

 #5  03/2020 
Anna Batorczak
Enthusiastic educator for sustainable development and believer in the power of women to lead change

A conversation with Peter Glavic

 #4  01/2020 
Peter Glavič
Young-minded and lively emeritus who actively defends the values of sustainable development in sports and higher education

A conversation with 02 Rodrigo Lozano1

 #3  10/2019 
Jorge Ricardo Nova Blanco
Catalyzer of transdisciplinary efforts at KU Leuven
Anne-Mieke Vandamme 
Silo-culture-questioning virologist at KU Leuven

A conversation with 02 Rodrigo Lozano1

 #2  04/2019 
Rodrigo Lozano
Specialist in organisational change for sustainability at the University of Gävle

A conversation with 01 Anne Snick1

 #1  02/2019 
Anne Snick
Systems thinker and change enabler