2005 TEFSI workshop Prague

The Environment Centre at Charles University in Prague was pleased to host a 3-day international workshop showcasing a range of innovative teaching methods with the aim to enrich the portfolio of course activities in the area of sustainable food systems.

The workshop took place from 19-21 February 2020 under the guidance of lecturers from several European universities from Denmark, Germany, France and Italy as part of the project TEFSI (Innovative Teaching for Sustainable Food Systems) funded by the Erasmus+ Programme.

2005 TEFSI workshop Prague courseTEFSI supports cooperation between nine European universities to develop, implement and widely disseminate innovative teaching approaches, materials, methods, and tools on various aspects of sustainable food systems. It thus aims to increase educators’ awareness about the importance of including sustainability issues into their everyday lecturing in food science, human nutrition, agriculture, and related university-level education. The project is ongoing and continues until August 2021. Materials are already available (e.g. the TEFSI Handbook: Impulses for Innovative Teaching) and more will be added to the project website as the project progresses until next year.