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COPERNICUS Alliance (CA) was established and is run by members, for members. It is coordinated by a Leadership Team and supported by an Advisory Board, a Network and a Finance Coordinator.

Leadership Team

The President and Vice-president are elected every second year by the CA members and Advisory Board.

Elected President 2017/18: Dr. Clemens Mader

University of Zurich, Switzerland


Clemens Mader is working as a post-doctoral research associate in the sustainability team at University of Zurich (Switzerland). He holds a PhD in Human Geography, Sustainability and Innovation Sciences from University of Graz (Austria). His main research focus is in the field of sustainability transformations and assessment at the interface of education, research, policy and practice. More information on his latest publications can be found here.

Elected Vice-President 2017/18: Dr. Jana Dlouhá

Charles University of Prague, Czech Republic

Jana Dlouhá’s professional carrier is devoted to the environment and sustainable development initiatives. She has graduated from multidisciplinary Environmental Protection department in the Charles University and worked in the research Geological Institute till the Velvet Revolution in 1989. Afterwards she worked in the Federal Ministry of Environment CSFR and prepared the first European conference on ministerial level which initiated series of Environment for Europe conferences (1992, Dobříš, Czech Republic). After the breakdown of the federation in 1992 she worked in the newly established Charles University Environment Centre (CUEC) whose mission is to support interdisciplinary research and cooperation with other universities in the CR and internationally. As one of its first employees she helped this institution to develop in the past and now she is on a research position in the department of Education for sustainable development. Jana Dlouhá is also member of environmental NGOs (Society for Sustainable Living, Green Circle), active in the (inter)national expert groups (Member of UNESCO Reorientation Teacher Education for Sustainability Working Group, UNECE Working Group on ESD Indicators, Expert group on ESD for the Czech Government); she is founder and editor in chief of the Czech peer reviewed electronic journal focused on environmental and SD education – Envigogika: http://envigogika.cuni.cz/. She is involved in numerous national and international projects: most recent include “Interdisciplinary network of cooperation for policy development in the field of sustainable development” (http://mosur.czp.cuni.cz/) and University Educators for Sustainable development (http://www.ue4sd.eu/). She is an author of more than 100 publications – articles in journals, book chapters, she is an invited editor of the Journal of Cleaner Production.

Network Coordinator: Laura Henderson

Finance Coordinator: Mario Diethart


CA is self-financed and uses its funds to achieve its mission. CA also seeks external funding for projects and activities. The Leadership Team and Advisory Board members are volunteering positions.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is elected every four years by partner institutions:

  • Prof Anna Maria Geli, Professor at the University of Girona (UoG), Former Rector of UoG and President of CADEP-CRUE (2005-13), Spain
  • Prof Hans van Ginkel, Former Under Secretary General of United Nations, Rector of the United Nations University and Rector of Utrecht University, Universiteit Utrecht, The Netherlands
  • Mr Dario Piselli, Law student at the University of Siena and Founder of Greening USiena, Italy
  • Mr Mahesh Pradhan, Head of UNEP's Environmental and Training Unit, Kenya
  • Prof Daniella Tilbury (Past President 2012-14), University of Gloucestershire, UK
  • Prof Friedrich M. Zimmermann, Professor of Geography and Regional Science, former CA President (2010-2012), University of Graz, Austria


European Network on Higher Education for Sustainable Development
Registered NGO under German law 
Registration Number: VR200489 
Tax number: 33/270/1066

Email: office(at)copernicus-alliance.org
Tel: +420 220 191 461

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